Lavender Visions provides therapy and telephone consultation services for individuals and couples in Philadelphia, across the country, and internationally. 

Are you facing life transitions that may change your course of life? 

Are you struggling with relationship conflicts? 

Have you lost a significant relationship through divorce or death? 

Are you questioning your sexual orientation? 

Joanne Fleisher, LCSW, will help you restore hope and  faith in your ability to identify your concerns and resolve them with clarity and confidence.  Joanne provides marriage and relationship therapy to couples struggling with these concerns.  With over  twenty years of experience, Joanne provides a safe environment for better communication.   

She  also teaches techniques for mindfulness meditation as a method for managing anxiety and depression and to enhance a general feeling of calmness and well-being.  

 You will find support for handling: 

  • Anxiety, depression or loneliness 
  • Relationship or marital problems 
  • Grieving the loss of loved ones 
  • Lesbian, gay, or bisexual issues 
  • Use of meditation to steady your mind and emotions 

Joanne’s programs and services include:

Sliding Scale Fee available 

Huffington Post Articles

by Joanne Fleisher


Joanne has been a contributing blogger to The Huffington Post. Click to read her articles.

Joanne is the author of Living Two Lives:  Married to a Man & in Love with a Woman

A self-help guide for women navigating the journey of awakening. Amazon | Barnes & Noble