Individual Therapy

Trust between therapist and client creates an atmosphere for effective therapy.   I listen carefully and respectfully to facilitate this trust.  As a  seasoned therapist, I can offer insight and direction, while helping you recognize your strengths and internal sources of wisdom.  Common issues include:  facing life transitions and losses, managing depression and other debilitating moods, relationship problems, sexuality and coming out concerns, and bereavement.
I am grateful that you continued to push me toward optimism despite my pessimism.  You were a great source of hope for me, and I want to thank you for the calm that you brought to me during those more turbulent times.”

Couples Therapy


Couples counseling focuses specifically on the relationship; technically, the relationship is the client. I work with couples using my training as an Imago therapist, based on the book, Getting the Love You Want, by Harville Hendrix.

We all have baggage that we bring into relationships from our family backgrounds and from previous relationships. These issues will come up in any intimate relationship. If you have the desire, you can work together to help heal each other’s old wounds.

I provide specific communication techniques that will help you to listen carefully to your partner until each of you feels understood by the other. You and your partner will learn to recognize the wounds that come from your past that gets activated in arguments so that you can become less reactive in the present. This process encourages you to become more compassionate and to develop a new curiosity to understand each other’s truths, thereby providing a context for growth.


After more than twenty years of practice, I still feel privileged to witness my clients’ struggles and challenges. My experience and mindfulness practice enhances my sense of compassion and dedication to sharing what I have learned both personally and professionally over time. The ability to listen and respect each individual I see is essential to the bond of trust that creates effective therapy. I share myself, when appropriate, and encourage clients to develop a confidence in their own wisdom that can only come from their authentic self.