Studies show that mindfulness meditation can settle our minds, change our automatic reactions to stress, increase our ability to focus and develop natural qualities of compassion and kindness. Repetitive shifting from stressful thoughts back to the present moment effectively re-wires the brain’s circuits. Mindfulness is the practice of developing awareness of the dramas created by our minds and intentionally returning to the present. With practice over time, we begin to notice that staying in the now with an attitude of non-judgment brings about a sense of well-being and calmness.

I have personally seen dramatic changes in my own stress level and my ability to focus and manage difficult feelings since I began meditating. My daily meditation practice for the past ten years inspired me to incorporate principles of mindfulness into my therapy practice and to receive two years of professional training to teach it formally to interested clients.

I only teach meditation to those who are interested. You can train yourself to live with a new alert and engaged awareness of what’s happening in the present and to catch yourself when you drift into memories of the past or worries about the future. When you learn to calm your mind, you can see everything with more clarity. With a regular practice, you will develop more self-awareness, become more at peace, and more compassionate toward yourself and others.