when a tree falls on my car

When a Tree Falls on top of my car…

When lightning strikes, or a huge tree falls on top of the car I am driving…

I Feel:

Unlucky- why my car of all on the road?

Lucky- I survived with minor injuries

Vulnerable- life is precarious, unpredictable

Grateful- I’m alive and relatively well.

Cared for- Friends and family have come to my side

Alone- In the end I face new challenges by myself

Fragile- I am at the mercy of fate. My body isn’t impervious

Deflated- my sense of well-being vanishes in an instant

Weak- my body feels tired and less capable

Strong- my body survived with relatively few reactions

Sad- a curtain is momentarily lifted to view my impermanent self

Tired- Whether emotional or physical, I’m wiped out.

Confused- What meaning will I attach to this?

Overwhelmed- Suddenly I have a list of things to do as a result of the accident

Pressured- Preparation for my vacation has to make room for more important needs

Uncomfortable- physically and psychically, constantly needing to ask for help

Gratitude- above all…for the true kindnesses offered me in this situation

A tree fell on top of my car on a sunny day in May, 2018.

Aside from a broken nose, I came out physically unharmed, but not unscathed. My disturbing list of feelings took far longer to repair than my nose.